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VIRDI’S Electroplating Rectifier is an economical and most efficient method of obtaining D.C. from A.C. supply by anodizing and many other electro-chemical processes. The widest applications in the field of electro-plating normally requires maximum voltage of 8V, 12V, 16V and 20V D.C. at various current capacities as per requirement. A range of current rating from 50 to 5000 amps is covered in our regular range.(Other ranges available on specific order)



Input Voltage
380/440 Volts A. C. 3 phase 50-1500 Hz
Output Voltage
Fixed Rated Maximum D.C. Voltage or variable from zero to
maximum rated voltage
Output current
Rated maximum D.C. Current.
‘A’ Class
Not less than 98%
Temp. Rise
Less than 45o C ambient at the top of the oil.
Oil Grade
Special transformer oil.

VIRDI'S Rectifier is designed for three phase 50 Hz A.C. input supply are suitable for operation at any voltage between 380/415 volts bread crumbs needs to be corrected

The D.C. output is variable in steps or continuously and steplessly variable from Zero to its rated full load. VIRDI’S rectifier comprises of the following controls for D.C. output:

VER-15 Steps Control (range variation from 40% to 100% D.C. output voltage).
VER-63 Steps Control (range variation from 15% to 100% D.C. output voltage).
VER-Stepless Control (range variation from 0% to 100% D.C. output voltage).
VER (S)- (Stepless control with transformer in separate tank).

The ripple content in the output is very low and is less than 5% and as such these units are very much suitable for all special processes such as chrome plating where low ripple content is necessary.

The circuit employed in VIRDI’S Rectifier is simple and universal. A.C. supply is given to an auto-transformer, which in turn supplies a variable voltage to the primary of a three phase double would Delta/Double star connected transformer. The secondary of the transformer is connected to hex a Phase/ Bridge connected rectified using silicon diodes. The output is obtained from the rectifier and the star points of the transformer through an inter phase transformer.

This is made up of sturdy liberally rated silicon diodes are connected in parallel. On a special made up of casting heat sink and depending upon the output rating of the rectifier units.

A moving coil ammeter and a moving iron voltmeter along with indication lamps are provided on a panel indicating the output current. The panel is mounted on one of the tanks to enable easy manipulation.

The Unit is made in natural oil immersed & air cooled construction. Any electro-deposition process is always associated with acidic and corrosive fumes and dust. Any contact with these fumes and dust obviously reduces the life and reliability of the rectifier. Oil immersed construction offers best protection to the rectifier unit in this regard and therefore increases the life enormously. The tanks are provided with pipes for cooling and mounted on wheels for mobile operation.

  • The Rectifier units can also be supplier with remote control or automatic control of output. For remote control, a separate control panel can be provided to operate the motor of the continuously variable transformer by means of push buttons to increase or decrease the output voltage and current. Automatic control can be provided for constant voltage or constant current. These will be at an extra cost, which will be quoted against specific requirement.
  • Rectifier units of rating beyond our standard specifications, such as input voltage range, maximum output voltage and current or with overload requirements of short duration can also be quoted against specific enquires.
  • Our policy is of continuous development and improvement of the products
    Right tom change the specification and designs as part or whole, without any prior notice.

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